Service Manual Playstation 2 Scph 90001 Serie ~UPD~

Service Manual Playstation 2 Scph 90001 Serie ~UPD~

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Service Manual Playstation 2 Scph 90001 Serie

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Why does Michael Pollan say the Stone Age first humans weren’t primitive at all?

In How to Change Your Mind, Michael Pollan gives us a brief, and apparently partial, description of the origin of modern human civilization as:

We know where we came from, we know how we got here, but we still don’t know why.

Why is that? I mean, there is obviously something immensely important happening in the origin of modern civilization. But why doesn’t anyone know what that something is?
Why is this important, and why is Pollan saying it?


The idea of progress, civilized as it is, is a relatively modern one. Indeed, while Pollan notes its original roots in Ancient Greece, it seems to have come to prominence with the Enlightenment. That is, modernity started, at least relative to the time of the book’s writing, in the Renaissance with the rise of empiricism and science.
In other words, a modern view of the world is one that is accepting of change, adapting to it, and leveraging it to move forward. Our idea of “progress” is more than merely counter-poised to those that were previously held.
Pollan goes to some length to consider what it means for civilization. He considers, among other things, challenges from the notion of consuming our “natural resources”.
One of the key ideas he’s trying to get across is how we, as a species, never change in a predictable fashion. We change, yes, and sometimes we make big changes. But we change in fits and spurts, and there are no clear boundaries in which there’s an obvious bright line between what we used to be and what we are now.
This makes it hard for us to imagine that there’s some thing, some force, that is behind it all. It’s similar to the problem of imagining that there’s a thing out there that is transcending us and influencing everything.
Without a ton of evidence, we tend to imagine that something